Том 1, № 4 (2013)

International Journal of Mathematics and Physics 2013

International Journal of Mathematics and Physics 2013


Theoretical Physics and Plasma Physics

Energy loss of relativistic projectiles in non-ideal electron liquids PDF
Yu. V. Arkhipov, A. B. Ashikbayeva, A. Askaruly, A. E. Davletov, D. Palací, I. M. Tkachenko 50-55
Numerical modeling of temperature and concentration characteristics in combustion chamber at power plant of Kazakhstan PDF
A. S. Askarova, S. A. Bolegenova, R. Leithner, V. Ju. Maximov 56-61
Static structure factor of macroparticles in dusty plasmas PDF
A. E. Davletov, L. T. Yerimbetova, A. K. Ospanova 62-71
Blind physics: a catalogue of unverified hypotheses PDF
V. Dzhunushaliev* 72-76
Statical structural properties of nonideal plasma PDF
Yu. V. Arkhipov, A. Askaruly, V. V. Voronkov, A. E. Davletov, A. B. Ashikbayeva, I. M. Tkachenko 80-84
The structure changes on a steels surface after pulsed plasma processing PDF
A. M. Zhukeshov, A. T. Gabdullina, A. U. Amrenova, Zh Moldabekov, M. Muhamedryskyzy 85-87
Leptonic and radiative decays of mesons with beauty and charm in the relativistic hamiltonian approach PDF
M. Dineykhan, S. A. Zhaugasheva, N. Khabyl 88-101
Spin-up and spin-down evolution in general relativistic rotating white dwarfs PDF
Kuantay Boshkayev 62-66


Application reynolds analogy in the study of temperature change in wall length of specific channel nasa-0021 PDF
R. K. Manatbayev, B. Z. Abdukadirov, N. M. Dzhapashov 77-79