Том 6, № 2 (2015)

International Journal of Mathematics and Physics 2015


Informatics and Mathematical Modeling

Modeling of the complex impact on the hydrocarbon mixture PDF
A. Assylbekuly 4-15
A modification of the method of fictitious domains for stationary model of non-Newtonian liquids PDF
Zh. B. Baytulenov 16-22
Research and simulation of plastic zone around the Griffith’s crack PDF
A. Zh. Bibossinov, A. I. Iskakbayev, B. E. Bekbauov 23-26
Modelling of Coupled Nonlinear Axial and Lateral Vibrations of Drill Strings PDF
Askar K. Kudaibergenov, Askat K. Kudaibergenov 27-35
Protoplanetary three-body problem with variable masses and its solutions PDF
G. M. Mayemerova, M. Zh. Minglibayev, A. N. Prokopenya 36-40
Modelling of Nonlinear Torsional-Flexural Vibrations of Drill Strings PDF
A. S. Sergaliyev, L. A. Khajiyeva 41-48
Mathematical modeling of radiation processes in constructional materials in ion irradiation PDF
T. A. Shmygaleva, E. V. Shmygalev, A. I. Kupchishin, Sh. E. Jeleunova, L. Sh. Cherikbayeva 49-55
Conclusion of discrete analog for the inverse problem of acoustics PDF
G. A. Tyulepberdinova, S. A. Adilzhanova, G. G. Gaziz 56-60
Approximation of a method of iterations of Landveber for the net equation PDF
G. A. Tyulepberdinova, S. A. Adilzhanova, Zh. E. Temirbekova 61-63

Theoretical Physics and Plasma Physics

Stopping power and straggling in two-component plasmas PDF
Yu. V. Arkhipov, A. B. Ashikbayeva, A. Askaruly, N. Y. Yerkinbayev, A. E. Davletov, M. I. Tkachenko 64-67
Proton and electron fluxes on the surface of a dust grain in a plasma PDF
А. E. Davletov, A. Kissan, Ye. S. Mukhametkarimov, L. T. Yerimbetova 68-73
Scalar model of glueball in nonperturbative quantisation à la heisenberg PDF
V. Dzhunushaliev, A. Makhmudov 74-79