The phase transition between the orientational glass and plastic crystal in cryovacuum condensate of ethanol


  • D. Sokolov
  • A. Drobyshev
  • M. Ramos



After more than 100 years of research, the nature of glasses (and disordered condensed matter, in general) and glass transition-related phenomena is still an open issue in condensed-matter physics [1] and the chemicophysical sciences [2]. Thin films of cry vacuum condensates of ethanol formed by condensation of the gas on a cooled metal substrate are studied by infrared spectrometry and thermal desorption techniques. The main purpose was to examine dynamic relaxation processes near the glass transition temperature and the transition from orientation ally disordered to orders states in thin ethanol cry condensate films. Based on the analysis of the thermo grams conclusions that the phase transition orientation glass-plastic crystal of ethanol around T = 97 K is reversible and is a phase transition type I.


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Sokolov, D., Drobyshev, A., & Ramos, M. (2014). The phase transition between the orientational glass and plastic crystal in cryovacuum condensate of ethanol. International Journal of Mathematics and Physics, 5(2), 77–80.