Policy of the journal

International Journal of Mathematics and Physics (IJMPh)

Publishing house: “Qazaq University”

Online ISSN: 2409-5508; Print ISSN: 2218-7987


The most significant achievements of the modern science are joined by different sciences among them are mathematics and physics. Therefore publication of Journal, which is showing results of current investigations in the field of mathematics and physics, will allow widely exhibiting scientific problems, tasks and discoveries.

One of the basic goals of the Journal will be to promote the extensive exchange information between the scientists from all over the world. We suggest publishing original papers and materials of Mathematical and Physical Conferences (after selection) holding in different countries.

The creation of special International Journal of Mathematics and Physics is of great importance because a great number of scientists to publish their articles and it will help to widen the geography of future operations. We will be glad to publish also the papers of scientists from other continents.

The Journal will exist for the publication of experimental and theoretical investigations of mathematics and physics. Among the subject emphasized are modem problems of Calculus Mathematics, Algebra and Mathematical Analysis, Differential Equations and Mechanics, Informatics and Mathematical Modeling, Calculus of Approximations and Program Systems, Astronomy and Space Research, Theoretical Physics and Plasma Physics, Chemical Physics and Radio Physics, Thermophysics, Nuclear Physics and Nanotechnology and etc.

The journal is issued on the base of al-Farabi Kazakh National University. Leading scientists from different countries of the world agreed to be the members of an editorial board of the journal.

We shall hope to receive papers from the many laboratories which are interested in the application of the scientific principles of mathematics and physics are carrying out research on the subject, whether it be in relation to producing new materials, technology or ecology problems.

All submissions will be reviewed by independent Reviewers. Authors are encouraged to submit names and email addresses of expert reviewers, but selection remains a prerogative of the Editors. Authors may include supplementary notes to facilitate the review process. Authors are responsible for all statements in their work, including changes made by the copyeditor after a manuscript is accepted. We make use of a streamlined refereeing system that aims to be both fair and consistent. For every submission that falls within the scope of one of our journals, we normally select independent experts from members of the editorial board in the subject of the article who normally act as referees and advise on whether the article should be accepted or rejected. We ask our referees to take into account the content of the article, its quality and presentation when reaching their recommendations.  All manuscripts are published free of charge.