Angular decay distributions for cascade decay B->K*(->K Pi)+ll

G.S Nurbakova, N. Habyl, В.А. Mukushev


This article is devoted to the study of the B->K*(->K Pi)+ll decay. The rare flavour changing neutral current decays are forbidden in the Standard Model (SM) at tree level. They proceed only via the loops in the perturbation theory. For this reason, these decays are sensitive to the possible effects of new physics beyond the Standard Model. The new heavy particles can contribute to the branching fractions and the angular decay distributions. It is generally believed that the decay mode B->K*(->K Pi)+llis one of the best modes to search for new physics beyond the standard model. The angular distribution enables the independent measurement of several observables as a function of the dilepton invariant mass.

Ключевые слова

B-meson, rare decay, two-fold angular distributions, four-fold angle distribution, polarization observables.

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