3D modeling high temperature flows in the combustion chambers of the power plants

S.A. Bolegenova, A.S Askarova, A. Bekmukhamet, S. Bolegenova, V. Maximov, Sh. Ospanova, R. Manabayeva, S. Utelov


In this paper the results obtained by the numerical method of modelling of Ekibastuz coal burning in BKZ-420 combustion chamber of Kazakhstans coal-fired Power Plant are presented. They are devoted to the numerical simulation of combustion processes in the furnace boiler BKZ-420. Boilers steam generating capacity 420 T/h. Boiler has six vertical pulverized coal burners arranged in two levels with three burners on the front wall of the boiler. High ash, low-grade coal from Ekibastuz burned in the furnace. Its ash content is 39 %, volatile 24 %, humidity 5 %, highest calorific value is 16 750 kJ/kg. In this research the main harmful gases distribution characteristics of the concentration of carbon oxides (CO and CO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and oxygen O2 are shown.


fuel, turbulent flow, numerical method, boiler, burner, high-energy fuel

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