Investigation of interaction processes of 3He with 14N nuclei аt 50 and 60 mev

N. Burtebayev, D.K. Alimov, I. Boztosun, Z. Kerimkulov, M. Nassurlla, Y.S. Mukhamejanov, A.V. Yushkov, S.K. Sakhiev, D.M. Janseitov, A.N. Bahtibayev, A. Pattaev, Sh. Hamada


Elastic scattering of 3He on 14N as example of 1p-shell nuclei at 50 and 60 MeV has been investigated within the framework of Optical Model. In the Optical Model analysis, both microscopic double-folding and phenomenological potentials for the real part of the complex nuclear potential have been used. For both microscopic double-folding and phenomenological analysis, the imaginary potential has taken to be Wood-Saxon volume shaped. It is noticed that while a normalization of the strength of the double-folding real potential is needed to explain the structure observed in the experimental data, a good agreement between experimental data is obtained for the phenomenological potential case.

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optical model, double-folding potential, elastic and inelastic scattering, nucleon-nucleon interaction, fresco.

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