International Journal of Mathematics and Physics

International Journal of Mathematics and Physics is a refereed journal that publishes experimental and theoretical investigations in Mathematics, Physical Technology and Physics.

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Aim and Scope

One of the main aims of the Journal is to promote extensive exchange of information between scientists from all over the world.  
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Том 7, № 1 (2016): International Journal Of Mathematics And Physics


Informatics and Mathematical Modeling

Modelling of the turbulent energy decay based on the finite-difference and spectral methods PDF
A. N. Abdigaliyeva 4-9
Communication cascade processes with Markov chains PDF
T. A. Shmygaleva, E. V. Shmygalev, A. I. Kupchishin, L. Sh. Cherykbaeva, Zh. E. Temirbekova 10-15
Computer modeling of radiation processes in solids is under ion irradiation PDF
T. A. Shmygaleva, A. I. Kupchishin, E. V. Shmygalev, L. Sh. Cherykbaeva, Zh. E. Temirbekova 16-20
Estimates of the best approximations of functions with a spectrum with a given majorant PDF
Zh. K. Embergenova, M. B. Sikhov 21-26
Mathematical modelling of air flow in the human respiratory system PDF
A. Issakhov, A. M. Yessenkozha 27-32
Mathematical modelling of blood flow in vascular system of the brain with pathological changes PDF
A. Issakhov, A. Shubay 33-39
Mathematical modelling of flow around obstacles with complex geometric configuration in a viscous incompressible medium PDF
A. Issakhov, A. A. Shaibekova 40-45
Application of ant colony algorithm for vehicle routing problems PDF
Z. A. Mereyeva, A. R. Turganbayeva 46-49
Difference scheme stability investigation for model of barotropic viscous gas PDF
S. K. Orazov, N. N. Tungatarov 50-55
Changing the magnetic field intensity during the motion of spacecraft PDF
K. Zhilisbayeva, N. Doszhan, A. Saspayeva 56-64
Сloud data-processing system for the automated generation of combustion models PDF
M. Sarsembayev, M. Turdalyuly, P. Omarova 65-68

Nuclear Physics and Nanotechnology

Investigation of interaction processes of 3He with 14N nuclei аt 50 and 60 mev PDF (English)
N. Burtebayev, D.K. Alimov, I. Boztosun, Z. Kerimkulov, M. Nassurlla, Y.S. Mukhamejanov, A.V. Yushkov, S.K. Sakhiev, D.M. Janseitov, A.N. Bahtibayev, A. Pattaev, Sh. Hamada
Polarization observables in rare decay B->K*(->K Pi )l+l- PDF (English)
G.S. Nurbakova, N. Habyl, В.А. Mukushev, Zh.Zh. Tyulemissov
The effect of design parameters on energy characteristics of Darrieus rotor PDF (English)
R.K. Manatbayev, A. Georgiev, R. Popov, D. Dzhonova-Atanasova, Kuikabayeva А.А., E.M. Zulbukharova
Definition of aerodynamic characteristics wind turbine to Darrieus of system troposcino PDF (English)
Sh.A. Yershin, A.K. Yershina, R.K. Manatbayev, A.K. Tulepbergenov
Scattering of 13C ions by 12C nuclei at energies close to the Coulomb barrier PDF (English)
N. Burtebayev, J.T. Burtebayeva, A. Duisebayev, T. Zholdybayev, M. Nassurlla, C. Spitaleri, S.B. Sakuta, E. Piasecki, K. Rusek, A. Trzcińska, M. Wolińska-Cichocka, S.V. Artemov
Angular decay distributions for cascade decay B->K*(->K Pi)+ll PDF (English)
G.S Nurbakova, N. Habyl, В.А. Mukushev
Towards a workable model of final unification PDF (English)
U.V.S. Seshavatharam, S. Lakshminarayana
Algebraic basics for high spin elastic scattering PDF (English)
N.A. Burkova, A.S. Tkachenko

Physics of Condensed Matter

3D modeling high temperature flows in the combustion chambers of the power plants PDF (English)
S.A. Bolegenova, A.S Askarova, A. Bekmukhamet, S. Bolegenova, V. Maximov, Sh. Ospanova, R. Manabayeva, S. Utelov

Theoretical Physics and Plasma Physics

Finite-size effects in the interaction of dust particles in a plasma PDF (English)
A. Askaruly, Yu.V. Arkhipov, А.E. Davletov, L.T. Yerimbetova
Influence of dynamic screening on the scattering cross sections of the particles in the dense nonideal plasmas of noble gases PDF (English)
E.O. Shalenov, K.N. Dzhumagulova, T.S. Ramazanov, G.L. Gabdullina
Parameters calculation and design of vacuum camera for «Plasma focus» facility PDF (English)
А.М., Zhukeshov, B.М. Ibrаеv, Sh.G. Giniyatova, B.М. Useinov, V.Ya Nikulin, A.T. Gabdullina, A.U. Amrenova